Dearborn School of Music: Music Lessons for All Instruments!

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  • “This is a great music school. My granddaughter has learned so much taking cello lessons here. And her teacher is very talented (and nice).”


  • “Great place to learn and very friendly and accepts people of all ages.”


  • “This is an excellent place for kids to come to learn. The instructors are excellent with the kids. They are very patient.”


  • “As parents of four children, we desire to give them opportunities to help grow physically, emotionally, and academically. Learning to play music helps in all three areas. Learning music at the Dearborn School of Music has been a delight for our children. They feel the sense of community that exists because of the talented and very friendly staff of DSM. Our children are so excited to attend their music lessons, they are running out the door on the day of lessons. Because of how much fun our children have at lessons, they are eager to practice daily so they are able to show their teachers their achievements.
    The icing on the cake for our children has been the opportunity to play at a local coffee shop organized by the DSM. Our children eagerly invite their friends and extended family to come and see them perform. This opportunity is highly coveted by our children. Not only do they enjoy performing, they are also very excited to enjoy the talents of all the other students who take the opportunity to perform at the local coffee shop. These evenings have always been awesome nights for us.
    Thank you Dave Petrie and the staff of DSM for providing our children an opportunity to grow and have fun in such a wonderful community atmosphere.”

    -Lothar and Michelle

  • “I highly recommend DSM. This is such a creative and friendly group, I’m very pleased with their work.”


  • “I love the Dearborn School of Music! Geno is a great teacher he really works hard to show her why she’s doing what she’s doing so she learns in a much more functional way. I highly recommend this school for anyone.”


  • “I love that the DSM regularly provides opportunities for the students to perform in public, both solo and in groups. It gives the valuable experience, but in a low-key, low-pressure way, and our families get to enjoy amazing music.”


  • “The instructors at Dearborn School of Music are awesome, with a lot of knowledge and patience. I can ask questions about playing styles, gigging, and home recording and get the answers I need. I look forward to lessons each week with excitement!”


  • “As a grandfather, the pleasure of sharing a love of music with a seven year old has been increased at Dearborn School of Music. Dave’s patience gets such enthusiastic participation from my grandson. He even practices without argument! We’re having a great time at Dearborn School of Music!”


  • “My daughter has special needs and Jan figured out how to bring my daughter to the piano without tears! She uses lots of rhythm and singing. My kids say she makes learning music easy.”


  • “Dearborn School of Music has made my return to musical learning both easy and a pleasure. From day one they worked with me to creatively meet my personal musical goals. Student for life!”


  • “My two children and I all take lessons here and it has been such a gift to our family. We play together at home and even performed together at a coffee house recital.”


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