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Add a Parent Program

Dearborn School of Music highly believes that parental involvement enriches student learning. With our ADD A PARENT program the parent learns alongside the child. Emphasising teamwork and playful competition for both child and parent, the program nurtures the relationship through sharing the love of learning and the bond of music.

It is only an extra $49 per 4 lesson month to “Add A Parent” to your child’s private monthly tuition. No experience in the Instrument necessary for parent to join.


“The reason Jayden and I go to The Dearborn School of Music is simple….THE SCHOOL ROCKS!!!!!! Dave is an amazing guitar teacher and appreciates the guitar and it shows in myself and Jayden’s progress. The add a parent program has given us a great hobby and has shown Jayden that music is the greatest gift in the world. Learning from Dave teaches Jayden to truly appreciate music and we enjoy quality time practicing due to my crazy work schedule.”
-Rob and Jayden